Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Guess What?

Just read all my old posts, and I've concluded that not only am I hilarious but I'm pretty as well.


Friday, April 3, 2009

Serious Biz

I know a lot of the fam isn't really into this stuff, but just for nostalgia's sake, I'm posting this video from 2000. This is from a DJ conference in San Francisco that I went to when I was 20 years old and living in San Diego. A lot of this shit was way over my head at the time, but the parts I could comprehend totally blew me away. This is DJ Craze killing everything in the world. The last routine is my favorite but they are all amazing.

Also, I'm really feeling this hat:

I don't play golf or anything.. It just looks pretty official.. Like people would see me wearing it and assume that I work for the gov't... Not like when I used to work in a cubicle at the Dept. of Taxation and Finance and watched seasons of television shows on my ipod every day, but like an important job for the Feds or some shit...

Am I drunk fans??

Ohh also, to fill y'all in on my idea from my last post.. The one about reviewing the subway performers.. I haven't really been riding the train much lately cuz the weather has been so great, I've been riding my bike everywhere.. BUT I did just find out that the Roots play every Tuesday down here, and they invite random Subway platform performers to come on stage and play with them.. I guess sometimes it's cool and sometimes it's hilarious and they get dragged off the stage with giant hooked canes.

Soooo I just googled "raych" and the first hit is for a blog by this person:

"Raych is a 28-year old living in Southern California. She loves Family Guy, 90s Hip-Hop, and curse words beginning with the letter F."

OK, so first question, why am I not on a plane to Southern California right now to claim my dream girl? Well, it's because I scrolled down the page of her blog and saw that this is what she looks like:

And just to double check I clicked on her Flickr link:

I guess it pays to do your research fans.


jer-raych-me smith

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pardon Me

Pardon me for not blogging so often babes, but I really don't have any excuse. Anyway, I went up to Albany about a week ago and had a very nice time. Got to spend lots of time with my family, and saw most of them which was great. Vowed to myself that I wasn't going to go to 80's night and who the fuck was I kidding, 80's night turned into 80's morning and I was there til 9am, fammed out with Kev, Sarah and Mabel and watched lots of my favorite Disney Channel shows and drank lots of coffee, ate at Cafe' Madison and was waited on by Daniel Hulbert and Daniel Florek, basically did lots of nice things.

So then I got back, rode the Double Happiness bus to Chinatown, and I guess I took too long to get off of the bus because the nice little Chinese bus driver thought it would be cool to clap at me and wave his arms around as he ran off the bus, yanked my bike out from the cargo hold and threw it on the ground. That was a nice welcome back for Fam. Got home, slept for 23 hours, and went back to work.

This weekend was cool, hung out with BillyBob on Friday night in Brooklyn, got a cheap cab home ($8), and then got up just in time to cut off Danny's sister on her way to the bathroom so that I could pee for a continuous 2+ minutes, then went back to bed for an hour, got up, worked til 5, walked to Chun King, hung out with Mr. Galgano, looked at the awesome view from the 12th floor windows, sent Pedro on some runs, made plans with Jeff, met up on the Lower East Side at Babe Land of course, went to Max Fish, met up with more Fam, went to Piano's, fammed super hard, went home happy.

That's just a little update guys, I will blog more I swear. Maybe I'll come up with some themes for like weekly blogs, like Damon used to do the food Fridays or something, maybe I'll review Subway Platform Performers every week, maybe some other awesome ideas too fans.

Oh!!! I also joined a book club, and am now reading The Great Gatsby.

I will now leave you with some recent random photos



Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Life Update

I'm broke.
I miss my Albany friends.
It's freezing cold.
I hate my job.

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year

Fans... What's really good? I wish I had more to tell you guys, but not much new is really goin on.. I've been in Albany pretty much every other weekend for the past 2 months, seeing all my wonderful friends and family. Christmas time was great, CB let me get a taste of that Time Warner money, spent a couple days at my parent's house, saw the family, it was wonderful.

I know, I'm boring you...

I went to Damon and Chris's new years eve PARRTY and it was WILD!! I won everyones xmas money playing ceelo, and then beat Damon in a push up contest AND an arm wrestling contest... Then we went to another party.

Umm no one has been here for like a week... Ashley is in Millbrook still and Danny is still in California... so that's been cool. I would walk around the apartment naked, but it's too cold for that, fans.

I cleaned our refrigerator..

I wish i had "before" pics, cuz it was fucking disgusting.. but here are some "after" pics for you guys:

The shelves are all nice and clean now.

I had to clean the bottoms of the bottles, they were all sticky... No point in putting dirty bottles back into a clean fridge, right fans?

And here we are... the bottles and jars have a nice clean home again. They probably miss all of their rotten and outdated friends that I had to throw in the garbage, but that's all part of growing up i giess...

pretty good job, right guys?

you're still reading this?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sorry I haven't blogged lately fans, don't forget I have a real life that I need to attend to. What have I been doing? Falling in love with Padma every Wednesday while watching Top Chef

And freezing in my apartment because it's in the 30's now even though it was 60 degrees like 4 days ago. So no more bike riding for a little while I guess, which is a shame because I was getting so fucking fit fans.

I'm going home for Thanksgiving and I'm pumped about that. Gonna visit friends and fam of course, maybe go to the mall for black friday, who knows.

Nothing really new goin on guys, just wanted to say hi.



Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Getting Cultured

So Damon and I both had Monday off, and thought we'd get a little culture at the Museum of Natural History. This was a big step for Damon, because he had never been North of 42nd street, even though he's lived in NYC for over a year...

There was this weird room full of lies, where they talked about this thing called "evolution", which I had never heard about before. So that was an entertaining fairy tail.

We found out how Dinosaurs lived

And it turns out that Dinos used the same technique that Damon and I use to get girls, it's called "courting"

There was also cool stuff like this:

And the best part is that I think Damon really learned a lot: